Parutti – Cotton Collective ft. Smt. Sandhya Udupa

Sandhya Udupa is a multifaceted artist with mastery over Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Yakshagana, and Carnatic classical music, aside from being a qualified interior designer.

She has been nurtured in a rich culture of art and is a new generation artiste committed to taking the finer aspects of Indian culture to wider audiences. Also, a versatile artist adapting to various global styles and creative collaborations. Sandhya runs a dance school where she trains young kids in various dance forms.

Parutti – Premium Kanchi Cotton Sarees

Pure cotton sarees in 80-100 count yarn with plain or jacquard-woven body and borders.  Most often with pallu in rich thread work decoration.  Cotton sarees with silk temple borders are woven with Korvai technique.  Despite being cottons these sarees are a visual treat and offer cottony goodness for the wearer.

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